Our Profile

As Mr Steuart Henderson Britt rightly said, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does”.
If people are not going to talk about your product then your approach is not right and you are following an unsuitable strategy for your brand.


Plan Media is a marketing and advertising agency which helps in brand building and brand upliftment. It is a one stop partner where you can outsource all your creative & web services with complete peace of mind about quality and reliability. Backed by a team of professionals, rich in experience, makes every project undertaken by Plan Media achieves its goal to nearly 100%. With a very sought after and professional structure, the agency is adamant to set highest standards of work ethics and ethical professionalism.
The Team
The team of PLANMEDIA constitutes in-house creative and web development professionals With the best team of Creative designers and programmers, we are the difference in the market. Our outdoor include conception of stable designing publicity material for exhibitions, research and strategy designing, etc. the list goes on. Web world is revolutionized with our out of the box technical ideas which make every product of ours a milestone.
Growth Trends
Founded eight years ago, the company has gone ahead with leaps and bound and is working for big corporate houses in India. With the same growth it is all set to capture the world.The agency has also grown widely in terms of the services it provides and at present it caters to almost all kinds of print and web services which one can think of.
Focus on Basics
We give due importance to the five basic element of advertising pyramid: Attention, Interest, Desire, action and satisfaction.
Our solutions have made people turn their heads around and agape. In the market loaded with innumerable agencies, what works is the difference. And the difference lies not only in creativity but also in well thought out strategies, concepts and immaculately planned positioning, the areas where we excel.
Having state of the art technical back-up and laboratories and edit-suit we have acquired to provide wide variety of solutions in the print and web media.
Being open in our ideological perspective and having an urge towards carving out a balance between the commercial, moral and ethical values, we have been able to bring justice to all the stake-holders who have associated with us and have set highest standards of ethical professionalism.